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    Computer Club meeting held on Thursday 24th February 2011

    22 members attended including a new member, Bob.

    Mike and Geoff presented the new web site ? .

    Mike introduced each of the pages: Home, What?s On, U3A Local, Groups, News, Members? Area, Links and Contact.

    ?Most of the site can be viewed by anyone, it is not just for members. There are parts that are only available to members of Pembrokeshire U3A. To access all the site members must register; more later.

    ?Most of the site is self-explanatory, just click on each heading.

    ?To access the Members? Area you must register or log in.

    ?To register you must fill in the 6 boxes to create an account. Choose a user name which can be your own or a pseudonym. Choose a password for this account. This needs only be done once. Afterwards you just log in.

    ?The bi-monthly newsletter will be published on the website, BUT WILL NOT REPLACE THE PRINTED NEWSLETTER.

    ?Any articles for the web site must be sent to BOTH website managers (one of them should be available at any given time).

    ?So log on and look in!

    Geoff introduced the Forum.

    ?The Forum is open for anyone to view, but you must register / sign in to join in the discussion. Click on FORUM and then ?Information for new members? for more information.

    ?Forums are for active participation so join in the current discussions or start a new one.

    ?Scroll down the page and click on ?Computer Group? and then ?Computer/Photography Group Meeting on 24th February? for more information. You do not have to register to see this.

    Time was running out, but Mike gave a short description of calibrating a computer screen with a Spider. This is not simple. Factors to be taken into account are computer, camera, light source, printer, paper and ink

    A more detailed demonstration will be given later.

    The subject of resizing photographs was mentioned. This is very important when trying to email a photo which can be 2MB originally. Picasa is good for this.

    For other programs type ?Resizing pictures? into Google. By the time you have typed ?resiz? the pages have come up!

    All in all it was an excellent meeting and ran over our allotted time. Next meeting is on 24th March and will include something on printers.

    ?Till then, John

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