Computer Club meeting held on Thursday 27th January 2011

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    22 members attended.

    Those who attended the meeting already know what happened. My Esprimo mobile crashed in the morning and when I tried to set up the Acer that also refused to cooperate. So I have stripped them both down and have nearly reinstalled both of them. But its my slow Broadband that takes so long for the updates. But, fortunately I do have most things backed up. So it will have to be a very brief summary this month.

    1. Next month's meeting will be a joint one with the Photography Group. 3 topics were proposed; printers, resizing pictures and screen calibration. That should give us something to get our teeth into.

    2. The U3A laptop is now available if anyone would like to use it, or if you know anyone who would like to use it to start computing. Marion has found it very useful and has now bought her own laptop. I will check it out and update it before I hand it over. I will also check if it is compatible with Windows 7.

    3. Peter described his problem and sent me this email: “Would you please thank the Computer Group for the suggestions that helped solve my problems of the XP computer failing to go to standby or hibernate. The suggestion that it might be due to the last bit of hardware added, a printer, was not the answer. However the suggestion that I might have out of date drivers proved to be the answer. I found some free software to test the drivers and found that I had 67 drivers and 30 were out of date! However I had to register and buy Drivermender to download all the new ones, some took an hour! I have not completed the process yet but I can now go to standby again.”

    4. Richard is having problems getting his new printer to print the same colours on paper as on his screen. This was discussed and would seem to be something to follow up next month. Geoff will bring a 'spider' to demonstrate.

    5. Pauline has sent the following email: “Can anyone offer some advice please – I have Photoshop 7, I have Picasa and also the program that comes with my Panasonic camera – and I think this is all too much!! But which one to go for and how on earth do I begin to sort out the huge collection of photos into some kind of order – I KNOW I SHOULD HAVE DONE IT FROM THE START – but as I didn't I need to sort it out NOW before I add any more! I did try, but having lost many things on the computer with various trips to have it fixed, I now need to get to grips with stuff – any advice from a member of the Computer Club would be most appreciated! Does the fact that many of the pictures – maybe all – show up in all the various program, mean I am using valuable space? If I delete one, from say Picasa, does it mean they will be deleted from all programs? Don't want to do anything until I am sure I am going down the right Path! Polly Baggio”

    6. Rhoda, our Club Secretary has send me details of an item in the Welsh U3A Summer School at Swansea in July. DIGITAL STORY TELLING – The art of making slide / film shows. Tutor Graham Harris. I will bring the details to the next meeting, or you can contact me if you are interested.

    Next meeting on 24th February.

    Hope to see you then, John

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