Collective Energy Switching Scheme – Save Money on Your Bills

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    CVD Cymru – Wales Together
    Collective Energy Switching Scheme –  Save Money on Your Bills!


    By buying energy together, people who take part in collective switching schemes can save between £60 and £250 per household per year!

    The “Cyd Cymru” scheme has been developed to help people across Wales to save money by taking part in collective energy switching.

    Pembrokeshire County Council is backing the scheme, and is urging residents to sign up.

    The idea behind collective energy switching is similar to bulk-buying products in order to get a better price. However, in a collective switch those interested in receiving a better deal group together as a 'collective' before approaching the energy suppliers. The more people that get involved the more attractive the group of customers are likely to be to the energy suppliers.

    “Cyd Cymru” has been developed by a number of partners across Wales to help you get a better deal on your energy prices. We would encourage you to get involved.

    With winter fast approaching and the cost of energy going up, this is a great opportunity to look at cheaper energy!

    The registration period will open on the 21st October 2013 and at this point we will ask you to provide some specific details about yourself and your energy bills so we can negotiate the best deal possible on your behalf.

    There will be a 6 week registration period and then we will undertake the first switch before Christmas,

    Please visit our website for further details of how to register your interest and become part of the collective energy switch:

    The more- people that group together the bigger the savings we could make!

    How the process works is simple:
    • Registration: The first step is to register your interest, providing as much detail of your energy use as possible.
    • Energy Auction: An energy auction will then take place where Energy companies are invited to offer their best price to the people who are part of the collective .
    • New rate offered: A personal offer will be calculated for you, based on the information provided
    • You decide if you want to accept your offer. If you accept, you will be assisted to switch to a new, cheaper tariff, which hopefully saves you money
    •      The Utility Company will complete the switch.

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