Chapter of Disasters!

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    My presence here might be a touch intermittent this week, after a series of computer disasters. 

    My Del Zino 400HD multimedia computer that links to our main TV for TV & video streaming and showing Blue Ray disks, died after just reaching its 2nd birthday …….. a ridiculous young age for a system to die!  A seventieth birthday gift from the family and a high spec kit that should have lasted for years.  I have never had a 'new' purchase turn into a brick so soon.  Well it is off to Dell to tell me how much it will cost to repair ……. I'll pass on the 'bad news' as soon as I get it.

    Then yesterday the U3A desktop computer with all the Newsletter archive and files informed me its Hard Drive was about to give up the ghost (It has SMART Technology that monitors the 'health' of your Hard Disk Drives).  So it is an order off to Ebuyer 1st thing tomorrow morning, and hopefully I can clone the current drive before it ends its days and get on with the May/June Newsletter.
    Actually replacing a hard drive is not that difficult – but re-installing the Operating System (Windows) and all my programs is rather tedious.

    Sadly my weather station will be off-air until I can set up a temporary replacement for my Dell! 

    …….. Can anything else go wrong?

    😮 😮 😮 😮 😮

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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