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    At the Computer meeting (29th March) it was mentioned that 'Power adapters' were being used to get a signal for the computer. This reminded me that I use power adapters to connect my computer's router upstairs to my television downstares by wireless. This means that I get 'catch up' on i -player ; Can stop or rewind live programmes and then continue playing at a press of a button. If you miss a programme earlier in the day, you can go back and get it. Thats the bit I like as I have always just missed the one programme I wanted to see. There are films at a price but I have not tried these yet. All the equipment was free as I am with BT but there was a connection fee which I think was about ?40. And there is a charge of about ?4 or 5 per month. Aart from the cost, it is brilliant and can not be liong before computer and Tele are connected.

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