Brief Report on the October Meeting: Resizing Images

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    Discussing Image Resizing & other things!

    Resizing Images

    For early digital images the emphasis was enlarging

    The problem arises because unlike film, digital cameras store their detail in a discrete unit: the pixel. Any attempt to magnify an image also enlarges these pixels ? unless some type of image interpolation is performed.

    A pixel is a dot of colour information. And enlarging digital photos is actually just adding new pixels into the photo. That's why its dimensions (width and height) increase.  This process where the computer adds new pixels into the photo is called interpolation.  In this process, an image editor enlarges a digital photo by analysing the surrounding pixels. And enlargements vary depending on the algorithm used.  For example, enlarged digital photos are more pixelated when using nearest neighbour interpolation. That's because in this method, the computer simply copies the colour of the adjacent pixels. This makes the individual pixels more visible, unlike in bilinear or bicubic methods where the edges are smoother.

    In contrast with film cameras where colours captured on film by a camera are “continuous tone” images that continue to be smooth flowing when they are enlarged or reduced. However, computer images are broken down into tiny “bits” which must be “mapped” in a way that makes them appear to be smooth flowing at a given “dots per inch” resolution.

    Today the situation has changed.  Now images from most modern cameras contain a massive quantity of information that needs to me reduced for web use, creating slideshows or simply emailing.

    Integrated Resizer

    Windows Vista and 7 versions are available at:

    Full instructions to use the Image Resizer click here

    Arthur suggested an alternative could be to download the free Photo Gallery (part of Windows Live Essentials) which does the same thing and a little more in that you can use it to organise your photo collection.  You will find it here

    Add Copy To / Move To on Windows 7 or Vista Right-Click Menu

    There's a registry hack for Windows 7 or Vista that will let you add a Copy To Folder or Move To Folder to the right-click menu, which can be very useful when you want to move a file but don?t have the other folder open already.

    Right-click on a file:

    And up pops a nice dialog that you can use to easily drop a file into the right directory.

    Install:  Just download, unzip, and double-click on the registry files. You can choose to use the copy to, move to, or both.
    Download Copy To / Move To Registry Tweak

    Uploading Images to the Forum

    1: Resize image to “Small” 640×480 or there abouts
    2: Create message
    3: Click on 'Additional Options'
    4: Select file from you drive under 'Choose'
    5: Post your message

    If your image is already on the web, perhaps in a photo library like Flickr, you can include the image within the message (as I have above)

    1: Right click the image on the Website and select “Copy Image Address”
    2: Copy the link address into your message and highlight it
    3: Click the button above this message box that is below the “B” Bold button
    4: This places IMG infront of the image addess and /IMG after (both in square brackets)
    5: Finish your message and click 'Post' (you can check it first my clicking 'Preview')

    You can practice this on our Practice Board – Click here

    New Internet based Pembrokeshire Library Services

    The County Library have introduced a range of New Internet Services available here:

    BYKI: a Language Learning tool:
    Britannica Childrens Encyclopedia
    Britannica Student Encyclopedia
    Encyclopedia Britannica
    Newsbank : Accessible newspaper coverage
    Oxford Music Online  :
    Oxford Art Online :
    Oxford English Dictionary:
    Oxford Dictionary of National Biography:
    Also available on our library computers is: (which will help you trace your Family History)
    Downloadable AudioBooks
    Free e-Books
    Search for an Item
    Renew my books
    Reserve a book
    Log in to your account, and see your full reading history

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