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    People who Shaped Haverfordwest
    Author: Mark Muller
    Published by the Haverfordwest Civic Society

    People  Who Shaped Haverfordwest was published by the Haverfordwest Civic Society to mark the County town?s 900th birthday celebration but I have only just come upon it.  I think it is a little gem of a book. It was written by local author Mark Muller, it features a cast of historic characters who have played a part in creating the identity of the County town.

    The book examines those people from the past who have an identity with our town and who contributed to, or detracted from, what residents now feel about their identity.  Some of the people such as Sir Thomas Picton and Gwen and Augustus John, have well known links with the town but there are many others ? explorers, pioneers religious reforms and inventors ? who are not so well known.  As well as the mini historical biographies, People Who Shaped Haverfordwest also includes around 100 images of people and the town, including an image of Haverfordwest?s former Marychurch foundry, which has only recently come to light and which now graces the book?s front cover. 

    Just stand on the Riverside when you next visit the Farmers' Market in town with the book in your hand, look at the cover image then look up at the castle and you should be able to create the sights, sounds and smells of a bygone age!

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