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    At today's meeting Big A showed an Exposure Meter which defied the audience.  My research confirms that it is an early type called an Extinction Meter.

    From Wikipedia we get:  The earliest type of light meters were called extinction meters and contained a numbered or lettered row of neutral density filters of increasing density. The photographer would position the meter in front of their subject and note the filter with the greatest density that still allowed incident light to pass through. The letter or number corresponding to the filter was used as an index into a chart of appropriate aperture and shutter speed combinations for a given film speed.

    Extinction meters suffered from the problem that they depended on the light sensitivity of the human eye (which can vary from person to person) and subjective interpretation.

    More here:
    and here:

    There are a few for sale on the 'net usually for less than ?10 so Big A won't be rich if he sells this item.

    BTW It is recommended that you hold it at a normal reading distance and not close up to the eye as we tried it.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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