Be careful about Vishing…….

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    See :Have you heard of vishing and how to avoid it?

    Vishing is on the increase and is a type of scam involving fraudsters telephoning you, posing as someone from a bank, building society or another organisation you trust.

    They may ask you for information such as your memorable data or your card reader generated passcodes. They may tell you that you need to transfer money to another account to safeguard your money.

    How to protect yourself
    • Never disclose your memorable data or card reader generated passcodes in response to an unexpected phone call or email
    • Never use your card reader to transfer money to another account if told to do so over the phone or via email
    • Always ask yourself if it might be a scam
    • If asked to dial the number on the back of the card, wait five minutes or where possible use a different phone line as the fraudster can stay on the line
    • Be alert to any warning messages posted on our Internet Bank and make sure you read the conditions of our digital banking promise and Internet Banking terms and conditions.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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