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    (Thanks to John Croxon)

    Computer expert turns online sleuth to track down stolen computers Full story here

    Mike Birtwhistle, 47, thought he would never see the ?1,000 MacBook again after it was stolen from his holiday home during a burglary last month.

    But when he arrived back in Britain, David Duffy, his business partner and an IT expert, had other ideas.

    He used software normally designed to help him fix problems remotely through the internet to log onto the laptop 1,900 miles away and start looking for clues as to had stolen it.

    At first he just downloaded files from memory but then hit the jackpot when he managed to switch on the computer's inbuilt camera.

    To his amazement sitting in front of the camera was a man. He quickly took a number of snaps, and then emailed them to the local police via a neighbour on the Spanish island…………………………….  Full story here

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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