Alfred Russel Wallace (1823 – 1913)

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    Professor Tony Campbell – the founder of the Darwin Centre will be giving a talk this Saturday in Tenby Museum.  The talk is entitled ‘Alfred Russel Wallace: an inspiration for Charles Darwin’  This will conclude their brilliant ‘Linking Natural Science Collections in Wales’ – inspired exhibition of historic drawings and their associated specimens.

    Alfred Russel Wallace (1823 – 1913)
    The forgotten naturalist who inspired Charles Darwin


    Alfred Russel Wallace was born in Llanbradoc near Usk in 1823, and became one of the most important naturalists of the 19th century. With Darwin, Wallace was the co-discoverer of evolution by Natural Selection. This lecture follows his life story, and the extraordinary trips he made to Brazil and the Malay Archipelago, where he had his eureka moment about evolution. He leaves an amazing legacy of specimens, the Wallace line, and the science of biogeography. Yet he also had some odd beliefs in séances, anti-vaccination and land nationalisation. In spite of these, Wallace remains one of the founders of modern biology. He is an inspiration for the 21st century.

    If you are interested in attending please phone Tenby Museum on 01834 842 809 to book your tickets.  Tickets cost £5 (£4 with a friend card).

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