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    D C: He was no relative as far as I know. In days of old we were much easier to amuse. There was this comedian who appeared quite regularly on the steam radio entertainment show called “Workers Playtime”. Can you remember it? It was billed as coming from a works canteen, who can remember those? It would be broadcast at lunch time, when the workers from busy works canteen from massive industrial sites, who can remember those? This comedian would stride out onto the stage, works canteens of these large factories would often have stages so that the companies Amature Dramatic society would have somewhere to perform. Are there any companies like that any more. Any way back to this comedian. His opening line was always the same. “So I ses to this bird.” At which point the entire audiance would roll around in the aisles for some time. I suppse in retrospect it might have been because some BBC flunky had jumped onto the stage holding up a sign saying “Laugh” even then as a small kid I personally did not find that line funny, was the word “bird” slightly rude I was only small, I did realise that some time Adults would use rude words. If you did use a “rude” word that you as a kid would get glared at, not like today. Why do I remember this comedian. Because his name, well probably stage name was Joe Church, but as I said not a relly as far as I know. But we were much easier to amuse in those days. Stay safe,and healthy. Now go and wash your hands.

    P M: Wilfred Pickles and wife Mabel in Workers Playtime, ‘give him the money Mabel’!,

    D C: Wilfred Pickles and Mabel from memory were a separate entity. Funny I was thinking of that show minutes ago. From memory top prize was something like a bottle of beer and 12/6p. That was a bit like who wants to be a millionaire in lilliput. We were easily entertained in those days.

    D C: Just checked on Wilfred. His program was called Have a go Joe. And later another called Have another go.

    M M: The late Ron Boreham was in a band as a youngster – he played the piano accordion, and on one occasion the group played on Worker’s Playtime. He gave me a photo of himself with said piano accordion.

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