A Bad Dream!

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    Good morning. I trust everyone slept well.

    I did but I had an awful nightmare. I dreamed that some teenage called Greta Thunberg came up with this scam whereby if she could convince a government somewhere that there was some invisible bug named after a drink of pop, that killed people. Then all the poluting things around the world would stop and the polution would stop. It was only a dream.. Obviously no one would believe that story, all the car drivers would not stop driving. All the manufacturers would not stop manufacturing. All the airlines would not stop flying, all the cruise liners would stop. All the workers would not stop going to work. Schools and universities would close down. Everyone would not stay at home. Holidays and weddings would be stopped.

    It was all very strange I could only think that it was only a dream, or a joke after all it was April the first, it was a joke wasn't it? I mean people believe that man did not go to the moon, that space men walk amongst us, that Donald Trump could become the American President, that the Russians believe that the virus is an American created weapon. It's a strange world we live in.

    Don't have nightmares. Keep smiling. Stay strong. Stay well. Stay at home. Now wash your hands.

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