25th July – Computer Groups Discussed GPS & SatNav

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    A rare summer's day is not the best time to draw the curtains and talk computers, but that is what a number of die-hard computer fans did this afternoon.

    We looked at the GPS system and what that and satellite navigation has done to change our lives since May 2000 when GPS was first able to map any GPS receiver to within and couple of metres anywhere on the planet.  We also looked at recent the changes and the future of GPS positioning.

    I said I would point you to two websites that might interest members. CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO GO TO THE WEBSITE!

    TED is a website of fascinating talks on a wide range of topics

    Sygic produce an excellent StNav app based (I think) on the Tom Tom Maps to use with your smartphone or tablet computer.  I've got rid of my old SatNav having tried out this App.  IMO it is 1st class and (at the moment) cheap!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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