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Monthly Meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of every month at
TIERS CROSS HALL, The School Room (Opposite Stoddart Tyres)

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The U3A is an organisation promoting the sharing of the many educational, creative and leisure pursuits of its members with a view to enhancing their mutual enjoyment of life. It is a university in the original sense of the word, being a gathering of people devoted to learning. It draws its members from those in the Third Age of their life, this being loosely described as that time after both the first age of childhood and the second age of employment and perhaps parental responsibility. Anyone in his or her Third Age can join. All you need is interest and enthusiasm.

Although called a University it has members, not students, as no formal qualifications are required and there are no examinations, certificates or diplomas offered or given. Our members organise their own activities to suit their interests by drawing on their pool of skills, knowledge and experience, and by sharing, encourage personal development. All of the 400 plus U3A groups in the UK have a similar outlook, but each develops in its own particular way in response to the needs of its members.

Since 1990, when Pembrokeshire U3A was formed, we have developed a wide range of groups (click)

Chairs of the Pembrokeshire U3A

In 1989 Graham Goodeve called a meeting In Haverfordwest Library to consider the formation of a Pembrokeshire U3A.  He became acting chairman of a small group which grew steadily. In 1991 Pembrokeshire U3A became a part of the U3A Trust, the National Organisation.

1990 – 1992   Graham Goodeve
1993 – 1995   Sheila Morris
1996               Angela Anderson (Howe)
1997 – 1999   Sonia Nicolle
2000 – 2002   Basil Hughes – moved away June 2001 (Acting Chair – Angela Anderson from Nov.)
2002               Jean Goodeve
2003 – 2004   Sam Jones
2005 – 2007   June Emerson  (Acting Chair – Islwyn Bevan from Sept.)
2008 – 2009   Islwyn Bevan
2010 – 2012   Nova Husbands
2013 – 2014   Jean Goodeve  (Acting Chair – Bob Matthews from Aug.)
2014 – 2015   Bob Matthews
2015 – 2018   Penny Thomas
2018 – 2022   Jan Manning
2022 – 2023   Pat Lewis
2023 –             Carol Matthews